2021/2022 Season Episodes

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Creating Tomorrow Together

Life Now! by Imagine U

Join our host Alvin and his favorite four storytellers as they explore ways to create a kinder tomorrow. Check out instructions to go along with the craft in the video here:

In this episode, Alvin and the storytelling crew explore what home means to them and discover that no matter where you are in the world, home is where the heart is. Check out the instructions for the craft that goes along with the video here:

In this episode, Alvin and the storytelling crew step in to other people’s shoes to explore new perspectives. Check out the instructions for the craft that goes along with the video here:

Jessica’s Journey by Synetic Theater

Join Jessica as she embarks on her first day at a brand new school!

Though her first day got off to a shakier start than she planned, Jessica soon begins to get the hang of things at her new school.

Jessica and her friend meet someone else in need of a hand, and soon their duo turns into a trio!

Happy Soup by Tia Shearer Bassett and Natasha Mirny

Join Natasha and Tia (a pair of very silly humans) as they cook up a Happy Soup for a stressed world. They have the recipe, but they need YOUR help to mix all the ingredients together!

Join Tia and Natasha (a pair of very silly humans) as they discover new ingredients to mix together in order to create the Happy Soup!

Join Tia and Natasha as they go on a magical journey in the final episode of Happy Soup!

Coki produced by The Indigenous Cultures Institute in partnership with UT Austin

This theater for young audiences production, produced in collaboration with The Indigenous Cultures Institute and The University of Texas at Austin, begins with an interview with playwright Natasha Cosme Batista speaking of her Puerto Rican family members, their history, and why she wrote this play.

In this episode, we see the play Coki, by Natasha Cosme Batista. Young Ana thinks she is too small for the super important job of picking the quenepas from the big, big tree for her abuelos. With the power of stories from her Puerto Rican Indigenous ancestors, and a little inspiration from nature, she is reminded that we can do anything we set our mind to— when we think BIG! GRANDE!

This final episode includes three sections of activities led by University of Texas at Austin students, exploring major themes in the play: size; the importance of exploring your relationship to your ancestors and their history; and the importance of responsibility and what it really means. The facilitators pause for moments encouraging audience members to play along throughout.

Life Now! by Imagine U Pt. 2

When Alvin and Spike are worried about spending some time apart, the storytellers are there to share new stories about staying connected! Leo and Lily tackle the importance of names and a postcard craft gives us the ability to reach out to someone who is far away. In Connecting we learn to listen to ourselves, how to help friends in need, and ways to be a buddy to people who are feeling disconnected. Check out the craft that goes along with the episode below:

In Gifting, Alvin learns what gifts are and why we give them – with a special focus on the feelings that accompany giving and receiving gifts. A special guest introduces us to mosaics, we craft something new out of something we already have, and get to join the storytellers for their Friend Gift Exchange. We also discover ways to give back to the Earth. Find joy in the presence of everyday music and share your gifts with the world! Use the link below to download the craft instructions to accompany this episode.

In the final episode of the Saturday Morning Live! at The National 21/22 season, Alvin and friends explore types of Growing; growing up, growing talents, and growing new ideas. Make delicious treats with Ryan, learn to love your differences with Hannah, hear what Pablo hears, and watch Mia’s creativity develop. We find that growing up comes with challenges, but with every new experience comes knowledge to help make us stronger, smarter, and ready to tackle life now. Download the instructions for the craft that is featured in this episode using the link below.