Mission and Values


The National Theatre Foundation oversees and preserves one of America’s most iconic theatres toward an innovative and inclusive future. While serving as the primary home for Broadway in our Nation’s Capital, the Foundation also presents compelling educational and community programs, maintains and preserves the Theatre’s historic archive, and is responsible for facility improvements and services.



At NTF, we strive for communication and actions that are honest, easy to understand, and accessible for our staff and the partners and communities we work with every day. Integrated in our efforts to be transparent, we aim to be respectful, embrace discourse, and accept feedback with the goal of inspiring growth.


All levels of our work are built upon collaborative relationships, from our Board to our partner artists. Through our work, we connect artists to DC communities that face barriers to performing arts. We support The National Theatre through our partnership with Broadway at The National to provide Broadway productions to DC audiences. We build lasting relationships with the DC metro area by telling the theatre’s history from our archive and exploring our communities’ stories with the theatre.

Continuous Learning

At NTF, we strive to foster an environment for continued learning and receptivity to feedback and new ideas. Through a commitment to humility, curiosity, and consistent re-evaluation, we aim to adapt and evolve based on the needs and desires of our communities, partners, and team.


Creativity is integral to how NTF operates. Thinking and taking action in a creative manner allows our staff to reach beyond the limitations of a small non-profit to successfully manage free educational programs, preserve our Archive, and undertake renovations at our historic theatre.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement

The National Theatre Foundation believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are essential to stewarding The National’s role as a significant and historic institution that serves our community in the Washington, D.C. area.  While our theatre on Pennsylvania Avenue has long hosted performances of national prominence, we are also committed to making a local impact by reducing barriers to performing arts access and amplifying diverse voices through various channels, including community and educational programs.  We have instituted mandatory staff and Board training, developed hiring and operations practices that emphasize equality, and created diverse educational content alongside partners throughout our region.  We expect our work to model effective DEI practices nationally and locally, and we work every day to uphold our values of fairness, transparency, connection, continuous learning, and creativity.

View of house from upstage.