Saturday Morning Live!

The 2023-24 Saturday Morning Live! season has officially come to an end. Over the past nine months, we’ve enjoyed a diverse array of performances taking in everything from puppets to classical dance to Latin music to original plays. We can’t say enough about the wonderful artists who shared their talents with us nor the audiences who made it all worthwhile. Take a look back at the season and explore some highlights from the gallery below. Hover over the image to read the caption and click to enlarge!


We are hard at work on the next season of Saturday Morning Live! In fact, we already have our opening act lined up: the Virginia Ballet Company and School will return to the mainstage on Saturday, September 14th with selections from Don Quixote! Be on the lookout for a full season announcement and your opportunity to register this summer.


Saturdays are for great, big sparks

It’s been proven that early exposure to the arts can improve the lives of children. Live performance —which is what Saturday Morning Live! is all about—teaches self-expression and communication skills, fosters empathy, and allows kids to unplug and see the larger, real-life community that welcomes them. Good stuff, right? So come join us Saturdays and let’s spark kids’ imaginations.

Our artists encourage children to play along with them; whether that’s through singing, dancing, clapping, or call and response throughout the shows. Children’s theatre is inherently educational, but primarily fun!

Studies have shown that watching live performance can help students practice empathy by engaging in perspective taking with the characters onstage. Our programming is designed to promote student’s self awareness, self-regulation, and interpersonal skills.

We strive to offer programming that reflects the racial, ethnic, cultural, and social diversity of the DMV area and allows children to relate the narratives presented to their own lived experiences.

New This Season: The National Theatre Live! at The Library

This season, The National Theatre Foundation has joined forces with the DC Public Library to bring our Saturday Morning Live! artists to select library branches around the District. This new initiative, titled The National Theatre Live! at the Library, extends the reach of our longest-running program by supporting free performances and workshops for young audiences all across our community. We’ve had a pirate in Shepherd Park and a story of self-love at Northeast, and we’ll soon be exploring creativity at Shaw and Cleveland Park! Click here to read more about this exciting project.

Looking for more?

In Harmony: Let’s Play Together! Click the button to read about this Fall’s programs, and keep an eye out for more updates!

Re-watch your favorite episodes or explore the performances that you missed from our two virtual seasons of Saturday Morning Live!

Saturday Morning Live! is made possible by The Jacqueline Badger Mars Next Generation Fund.