Saturday Morning Live! A Year in Review

As we approach the end of the FY22 fiscal year, The National Theatre Foundation team is reflecting upon the milestones we’ve reached with each of our community programs. Saturday Morning Live! at The National celebrated its second annual virtual season with 15 original children’s theatre episodes that premiered live on YouTube and Facebook from October through May.

Artists from near and far each created original series centering on the theme of “Creating Tomorrow Together”. In case you missed it, here are some highlights from each of the series:

Life Now with Imagine U

Secret Agent Kindness taught us that being kind means doing nice things without expecting a reward, the Life Now storytellers gave sneak peaks into their cool refrigerators, and the Shoe Switcheroo taught us how to see things from different perspectives.

Jessica’s Journey by Synetic Theatre

Jessica taught us that it’s okay to be afraid of new things, but that with the support of the people who love us, even scary new things become routine over time.

Happy Soup by Tia Shearer Bassett and Natasha Mirny

Tia and Natasha taught us how to make a happy soup for a stressed-out world. Using ingredients like Vision, Hearing, Mind, Breath and Speech they explore ways to make the world a better place.

Coki by Natasha Cosme Batista and produced in collaboration with the Indigenous Cultures Institute and University of Texas at Austin

Playwright Natasha Cosme Batista taught us that if you don’t see yourself represented in stories, you can write your own! We learned what it means to honor your ancestors with help from the Indigenous Cultures Institute and University of Texas at Austin students.

Life Now with Imagine U (part 2!)

The Life Now team came back to finish up the season and taught us how to give and receive gifts, how to connect with others in troubling times, and how to grow through everything we go through.

Whew! We sure did learn a lot this season. We hope you were able to join us, and if not, remember that all of these episodes can be viewed at anytime on our Facebook, YouTube, or Website Archives. Check back in with us soon because Saturday Morning Live! At The National will be back IN PERSON starting in October 2022.