2020/2021 Season Episodes

Due to the cancelation of live performances in March 2020 because of the pandemic, we pivoted to virtual programming for Saturday Morning Live! View episodes from our first virtual season of this beloved family program.

Paige and Friends! by Paige Hernandez

In Episode One, Paige and her friends explore collaboration and self care.

In this episode, Paige and her friends explore creativity and trying new things.

In this episode, Paige and her friends explore the “treat” in retreat.

Gonzo’s Multiverse by David Gonzalez

This episode features Vegan Shark, a visit with calligraphic artist Barbara Bash, and music with The Good Boat Trio.

This episode features Toasty, Sammy the Sloth, The Hummingbird and the Tree, and a visit with Afro-Cuban percussionist Pablo Shine.

This episode features a visit with hip hop poet YOH, The Swan performed by Frederic Chiu, and The Grass Isn’t Always Greener.

Life Now by Northwestern University

In this episode we meet our host Alvin and his favorite four storytellers in The Book of How. We’ll discover that change can be good and together we’ll figure out ways to be better listeners. We will learn lots of things: crazy dance moves, how to make a paper craft, and what to do when your hat has a hole in it! Special guests include essential workers and Spike, Alvin’s best furry friend.

Take a ride with the storytellers as they help Alvin understand strong feelings in Fun With Feelings. It is easy to get overwhelmed with lots of feelings, so we’ll discover the importance of listening to yourself and taking time to feel strong. Together we’ll channel thoughts into a peaceful new craft. See how a quick chat with friends can help remind you that you’re not alone in your feelings. Special guests include a lonely gray bird and Leo the Lion who talks to a friend about navigating big feelings.

Join Alvin and the storytellers as they explore different types of stories in What’s Your Story? Together we’ll dance with family, cook a delicious dish, explore the excitment of birthdays, and use muisc to climb a mountain. We’ll also take a journey with a beloved hat and learn how to build a blank book ready to fill with new stories. Special guests include storyteller E. Patrick Johnson who shares why it’s important to lead your life with joy.

Snapshots by Arts on the Horizon

In this episode, we’ll meet three different children who each receive a mysterious box which transports them outdoors. They have to work together to solve different challenges and make their way back home.

In this episode, we’ll meet two friends on the opposite sides of the world that try to connect virtually but are kept apart by technical difficulties. Through the strength of their imaginations and their will to see one another, they find their way to a magical land where they discover the value of creativity and friendship. The two must learn how to take control of their circumstances as they adventure outside the limits of reality.

In this episode, we’ll explore the life of the awesomely aerodynamic Maple seed as it experiences the transformative cycles of nature. Our journey takes us from treetops to water fountains, to birds’ nests, and more through the use of props, shadow puppets, and dance to show you just how whimsically wonderful the Whirligig can be!

Paige Hernandez and David Gonzalez

Join Paige Hernandez-Funn and her friends Quynn Johnson, Chrisylez Bacon, and Anastasia Victory as they discuss what makes them uniquely themselves. We’ll explore the roots we come from, the ground where we currently live, how we’ve grown from these places, and how our talents have blossomed into who we are today. As Paige always says, “Be true. Be you. Be Fly.”

Multitalented artist David Gonzalez is back for another episode of Gonzo’s Multiverse. This episode features a visit from a very quiet rabbit, a Mexican folktale, and other fun surprises. Plus all your favorite segments are back including Rockin’ with Donny and Darryl, The Dynamic Mr. Dull, and Grassy’s Microverse.

Saturday Morning Live! At The National is excited to present the FINALE episode in our first ever virtual season.