Announcing the 2022/2023 Saturday Morning Live! At The National Season

Saturday Morning Live! at The National is back in person and better than ever! Fun takes center stage at the National Theatre for Saturday Morning Live! Join us Saturday mornings for wow-inspiring children’s entertainment of all sorts, from interactive performances, puppets, dance, and music – all designed to light up imaginations and celebrate a world of wonder. It’s free. It’s fun. It’s a great way to Saturday.

Saturdays are for great, big sparks

It’s been proven that early exposure to the arts can improve the lives of children. Musical theatre—which is what Saturday Morning Live! is all about—teaches self-expression and communication skills, fosters empathy, and allows kids to unplug and see the larger, real-life community that welcomes them. Good stuff, right? So come join us Saturdays and let’s spark kids’ imaginations.

2022/23 SEASON

Origin Stories: What Makes You Unique? 

We’re all different in lots of wonderful ways. So here’s a season lineup to match! With performances that range from puppets and dance, to Go-Go music and storytelling, and topics that explore courage, diversity, and living with disabilities, it’s a season that’s all about the colors, words, and motion that make us unique. Each performance will take place at 9:30 and 11:00 AM on select Saturdays at The National Theatre in the Helen Hayes Gallery space.

Oct 8th – The Lighthouse by Tia Shearer Bassett and Natasha Mirny
On a little island in a faraway sea, there is a girl who tends a lighthouse and who never ever smiles. Until one day, when she must set out for the horizon, and beyond…. The Light House is an interactive shadow show about finding your light. (There are some pretty awesome sea creatures, too.)

Nov 12th – The Harambee Experience by Baba Ras D

Harambee is a multicultural experience children enjoy while building their competency for diversity and familiarity with language immersions. Baba Ras D shares songs in Kiswahili and Espanol. Traditional songs of inspiration promote cognitive and social-emotional development, while original songs promote inclusiveness and togetherness.

Dec 10th – The Lonely Lion by InterAct Story Theatre

A lion is supposed to be the king of the jungle. But what if you’re a lion who’s afraid of everything? In this heartwarming story, the jungle’s biggest scaredy cat finds courage in unexpected places and learns how to tackle his fears one step at a time. The Lonely Lion is performed by one actor, with lots of audience interaction.

Jan 14th – The Uncle Devin Show by Devin Walker

The Uncle Devin Show® is an interactive musical experience for children by renowned drummer, Devin Walker. He and 25 others comprise the group 1 Tribe Collective whose album “All One Tribe” was GRAMMY-nominated for Best Children’s Music Album in 2022. The show cultivates the minds of children through percussion instruments and is an infectious blend of Jazz, Funk, and DC’s official music, Go-Go.

Feb 11th – The Miraculous Magical Balloon by Synetic Theater

Expressed through movement, masks, pantomime illusions, and dazzling choreography, The Miraculous Magical Balloon tells the story of a traveling actor and his magical trunk full of toys, tricks, and surprises. The Miraculous Magical Balloon has delighted audiences all over the world for over 45 years and is perfect for audiences of all ages.

Mar 11th – We Can Do It! by Bright Star Theatre

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the signing of the 19th Amendment with We Can Do It: American Women in History. A fascinating adventure featuring some of the world’s most remarkable female pioneers, audiences will discover trailblazers like Amelia Earhart, Sacajawea, Susan B. Anthony, and more. It’s the perfect show to inform and inspire audiences, girls and boys alike.

Apr 1st – Callaloo Kids by Canady Foundation for the Arts Repertory Theatre

Join the CFA Repertory Theatre as they adventure to the Gullah Sea Islands in search of a long-lost patch for Zoe’s grandmother’s quilt. Celebrating African-Diaspora folklore, this performance includes puppetry, drumming, and storytelling for the entire family to enjoy.

May 13th – Mangos to Apples Tumbling Tumbling from a Filipino Rainbow by Regie Cabico

Regie Cabico, one of the most iconoclastic performers of slam poetry, takes family audiences through a spoken word poetry experience where he tells the story of his mother’s journey with mangos and performs poetry inspired by Filipino indigenous mythology. Young poets will have the opportunity to write and perform their spoken word poem, too! 

Jun 10th – VIORE: An Adaptation Story by Regan Linton

Once upon a time, the letters V, I, O, R, and E were living their best lives – happy, active, and joyful. But one day, things began to change and the letters transformed. It’s an engaging story of adaptation and how we can all change and grow to become happy, active, and joyful in a whole new way. 

July 8th– Arco Iris by Arts on the Horizon

Iris is excited about going to el parque with Abuela, but Iris has a hard time deciding what color shirt to wear. Together they explore the different ways colors appear in the world and each color’s unique beauty. Told through vibrant imagery, dynamic movement, and a beautiful soundscape, this sensory-rich production is inspired by a Zapoteca myth and Quechua legends about the rainbow.

Saturday Morning Live! At The National is made possible thanks to the support of The Jacqueline Badger Mars Next Generation Fund at The National Theatre and the generosity of our Friends of The National Theatre.